JO HERE: When I was 25 I had a career as a fitness and commercial model, was a pro bikini competitor, I was also competing in the Miss USA Pageant. As I was finishing up my MBA, I was under so much stress, I was diagnosed with cystic acne and IBS. I developed restrictive eating habits and was under a low carb and then the complete opposite to vegan and raw diets. At one point, I had no appetite so I lost a lot of weight. I looked frail.  The day my hair started falling out, I went out and bought clip-on hair extensions so no one could see my thinning hair. My hormones and metabolism went haywired. It wasn't until I got functional bloodwork done and started working with an Ayurvedic doctor that I realized I had been doing everything wrong. I was putting my body through so much stress with overtraining and under-eating. This messed up my metabolism big time. My body was in survival mode, messing with my estrogen levels and my thyroid hormones, and leaving me in a constant state of stress. Plus, I was depriving myself of essential nutrients. It was a mess.


DALE HERE: In my teens and early twenties I suffered with chronic joint pain and severe gut issues. My body was inflamed and I developed psoriasis. My diet did not support my vigorous workouts and I couldn't understand my inability to build muscle and lose fat around my belly. Overtraining really did a number on me. Not only did it mess with my immune system to go haywired, but it also caused me to pack on some extra weight around my love handles because of the amount of stress I was putting my body in. I was constantly feeling drained, and the joint pain I developed was no joke.

You See, Our bodies were in a constant state of stress due to overtraining, under-eating, and following restrictive diets and programs that experts were promoting. This led to metabolic suppression, hormonal disruption, and nutrient deficiencies, leaving us feeling exhausted and really unhappy with our progress. We learned the hard way that excessive exercise and deprivation diets only hinder metabolic function and compromise our overall health. Once we started focusing on nourishing our bodies and supporting our metabolism, everything changed. Seriously, it was like a lightbulb moment. Our energy levels skyrocketed, our digestive issues disappeared, and we finally started seeing the results we'd been dreaming of.

And we realized that it wasn't about working harder; it was about working smarter!

Now we've helped over a hundred men and women, just like you, understand how to lose weight, reset your metabolism, and balance your hormones with proper bio individual nutrition, stress reduction, and custom exercise designed for your unique needs and lifestyle.¬†And that's why we‚Äôre here.¬†We teach you how nourish your body, optimize your workouts, and achieve sustainable results.This isn't just a quick fix‚ÄĒit's a lifestyle shift that will lay the foundation for lasting success.¬†

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